The path to growth: Eman Bachani

What a year. A ton of risks, some new developments, friendships that will last a lifetime, and of course, some adventure to go along with it all. We’ve grown so much in the last twelve months, and when I look back, I’m so glad that we got to share our story with you all.

And, as the year comes to an end, we’d also like to share what I’ve taken on-board over this time. There have been ups, downs, and most importantly, lessons.

1. Maybe you can think your thoughts into being after all...

Though I grew up reading The Alchemist and watching “The Secret” - I never really put too much thought into all the things that I was subconsciously attracting with my thoughts. Recently I’ve witnessed more and more people talk about manifesting, vision boards and what not, but I had not pieced it together for myself until I found old notes and lists I had written a decade ago, only to find several of the things I wanted back then existed in my life now.  I am sure many people have many different explanations for how it all works. But the key is that IF it works, then it’s a really, really good weapon to have by your side. And, do you really have anything to lose? I think this has definitely contributed to the extent of blind faith I have in certain things working out.

2. I can’t believe I took gratitude for granted

Another weird lesson that sounds so straightforward in books, but is so hard to practice in reality (especially if you’re a glass half-empty person like me). I may not have been grateful a hundred percent of the time, but I did find that I had more grace than ever when I chose to be grateful, regardless of what it was for. 

3. Pay attention to what feels good

Having gone through more than a ‘normal’ share of days that don’t feel good, I am finally more in tune with what does feel good. A lot of it can be attributed to being present for starters, but I’ve found myself in situations that make me feel a level of contentment that I haven’t experienced before. It could be enjoying a good meal with my friends, or sitting in a ferry just taking in a view. 

4. Just show up

Another one of those typical things you read about, but don’t fully understand how to apply to your life. I look back at an instance last year, where I had every reason not to PHYSICALLY show up to an event. I really did not see the point of going somewhere at 9 am, and making small talk. Little did I know that the network I was going to build that morning would have such a huge impact.  Since then, I have definitely put myself out there more, and actually even start conversations myself (small-wins, yay).

5. It’s okay if things go to shit once in a while

Took more than just 300 days to learn that not every throw will be a perfect hit, or in our case, every pop-up will be successful and every campaign convert well.  Luckily, we’ve definitely developed a thick skin to not be fazed by things that don’t go our way, because whether its personal or professional life, it’s bound to happen. If anything, the next time, you always know better!


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Founder and CEO of Meraki Design House