Meraki is a culmination of passion and creativity. We strive to bring you exceptional, artisan made accessories that help you stand out. Our brand combines unique designs that draw inspiration from various cultures, with the functionality required by the tastemakers of today.

In lieu of our ultimate goal, certain core values that are intrinsic to the Meraki ethos.

Embracing The Exceptional


Meraki is a celebration of tastemakers. At every pop-up event, we are enamoured with the women who walk their own path, and blaze a trail for others to follow. The Meraki woman is an entrepreneur, a mother, a student, and so much more. But perhaps more than anything else, she is someone who isn’t afraid to stand out.

In fact, she welcomes the opportunity.

And, take one look at the signature Meraki flat, and you’ll see that we’re in the same boat. We appreciate exceptionality, and all our products reflect this. Meraki shoes and accessories are tailored for tastemakers. They are a celebration of style that stands out, and inspires. Everything we create is designed to help you break the mould.

Accessories That Work With You

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When you delve into the Meraki story, you’ll see that celebrating women is part of our make-up. Because the Meraki team consist of women, who juggle various facets of their lives every day, we can appreciate how important functionality is. Your wardrobe should reflect your tastes and sensibilities, but it should also work with you, and your everyday requirements.

All Meraki products are crafted in line with this principle. We ensure that our products are constructed out of exceptional materials, which ensures both quality and comfort.

Our shoes are made out of 100% leather, so that they literally mould themselves to the wearer’s feet. Every time you put on a pair of Meraki flats, they get more and more comfortable. Our accessories are inspired by the places that we visit, and reflect their vibrancy. But they are also designed to be lightweight, so that you can play around with how and when you want to wear them. We at Meraki want to celebrate your individuality, and our products work with you to do just that.

Style With A Soul

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The ethics of what we do are very important to us. While Meraki is not officially labelled as a sustainable or fair-trade company, but we strive to be one in practice.

The most significant way in which we do this is through our relationship with our partnering artisans. Meraki echoes the beauty and creativity of traditional crafts, and it is important for us to support communities that have kept these timeless skills alive.

We produce in smaller batches to avoid burdening the artisans and craftsmen that we work with. We ensure that they are paid above market wages, because we truly value their time and effort. We also purchase fabrics and raw materials in small batches, as even though this is more expensive for us, it allows small business owners to maintain their profit margins.

Meraki also maintains a zero return policy with our craftsmen. What this means is that even if a product does not meet the quality standards, for example if the size is incorrect or if the product is damaged, we do not ask the artisans for a refund. Instead, we donate the product so that it isn’t wasted, and simultaneously ensure that the craftsmen are still compensated.

It is also important for Meraki to maintain transparency regarding the fabrics and materials that are used to construct our products, and we dedicate resources to ensure that on-the-ground operations take the quality of our products, and the well-being of our workers into account.

The term ‘Meraki’ literally refers to imparting a part of your soul into your work. And, we truly believe that our accessories are teeming with the spirit of our partnering artisans. Thus, we value all their efforts immensely, as without them our products would lack the passion that makes them so special.