(n.) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Meraki Design House is a globally inspired fashion & lifestyle brand founded by Eman Bachani. After having returned from her home country, Pakistan, Eman was searching for a unique way to share the traditional handcrafted shoes she grew up with. She soon realized that a careful balance must be struck between traditional and modern for these lovely shoes to make their way into the life and wardrobe of the modern woman.

To this day, Eman and Kitty continue to scour the globe in search of unique goods for Meraki Design House. From Cebu to Dehli, Quito to Dhaka, these handcrafted products are storytellers; they speak of their history and traditions of craft, of adventures abroad, foreign marketplaces, culture and creativity.

Meraki carefully cultivates skilled artisans globally to deliver the highest quality products. Each item is the culmination of hundreds of hours of trial and error; frustration, and ultimately triumph. You are buying a piece infused with the artist’s soul – their Meraki.

The Team

Eman has always found pleasure and inspiration from reading about the stories and success of entrepreneurial women. Knowing she wanted to have something to call her own, she launched Meraki Design House. This fashion (+soon to be lifestyle) e-commerce company combines eastern design into western life. Eman collaborates with artisans from around the world to re-design traditional lesser known crafts into both staples and wearable art for the modern woman. While most of her days are spent getting through to-do lists, you will often find Eman at Trade Shows, scoping out cool spaces and flooding Kitty's phone.

Kitty met Eman one summer at summer camp (we know we are lame) in their teen years. 8 years later, they connected again when Kitty was buying these very shoes from Eman. Fascinated by the different design possibilities and the entire process of producing the shoes, Kitty and Eman had many coffees over all the various potentials for Meraki. Not long after, they decided to team up to bring the Meraki love to more people. Now Kitty works on business development for Meraki and all things digital. She wanted to combine the things she loves - fashion, design and the digital world - to help bring affordable shoes and accessories that were filled with tradition and culture to everyone around the world.