Breaking in your Meraki Flats

While we know the temptation to just wear your brand new Meraki Flats all day long, there are some steps we can take to avoid the blistering and rubbing of new shoes and make these the most comfortable pair of shoes you own!

Wear them in a little at a time – start with wearing them at home (best with thick socks)

  • Use a shoe stretcher to widen – you will need to wear them a few times to allow them to mold to the shape of your feet
  • Place a band-aid with a cotton ball underneath area where there is pinching to stretch out the leather
  • Lightly wet your feet before putting on the shoes - they'll fit like a glove

Store & Clean

  • Store away from light and heat and protect from rain and humidity
  • Rotate your shoes every few days. All shoes need a little rest to ensure their longevity
  • Wrap shoes in the provided packaging to retain softness and shine
  • If shoes get wet, allow them to fully dry before re-wearing or storing
  • Keep them from getting too dirty or muddy. Give the shoes a clean if they do
  • Clean with a damp cloth or soft brush dipped in washing soap
  • Shoes with embroidery should be dry cleaned only

Meraki shoes are just as susceptible to wear and tear, but with proper care the process can be delayed. Take care of your Merakis’ and follow these tips so that you can help to preserve the shoes and make them uniquely yours