Shoe Sizes

Our shoes are only made in full sizes, however they run a size smaller than normal so we would recommend measuring your foot size in CM.  If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up to avoid discomfort.   

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes  Our sizing in CM
6 36 3 24-24.5
7 37 4 24.4-25
8 38 5 25 - 25.5
9 39 6 25.5-26
10 40 7 26-26.5

Care Instructions

(I) Breaking in your new Meraki Shoes

These shoes will become the most comfortable pair you own as they mold themselves to your feet. The main way to do this is by wetting your feet and wearing your new shoes around the house for a few hours.

If they pinch in a particular place (such as on the back of the heel or your big toe), you can use a band-aid with a cotton ball underneath it, to help stretch the leather in that spot. If your shoes are tight, they may just need some more stretching.

Try wearing them with damp socks for an afternoon, you would be surprised at how much they can stretch. If your shoes are too big, then the simplest solution is to add foam insoles. You can add full inserts or just toe/heel inserts, however, you should still follow the above instructions on breaking them in to mold them to your feet.

(II) Store & Care

Although your shoes are suitable for all terrain and weather, they must be taken care of to maximize their life and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

a. Wrap your shoes in the provided packaging as it will allow it them to retain their softness and shine while keeping them dust free.

b. Keep your shoes away from moisture, however if they do get wet; please dry them in the sun before using them again or keeping them away. In case your shoes get dirty, you can clean them with a damp cloth or a soft brush dipped in washing soap.

c. You can dry clean the shoes. Please note, all shoes with embroidery on them should ONLY be dry cleaned