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Blockprints 101: Ajrak

  Full of history and culture, Ajrak are block printed cloths of symmetrical patterns, mostly in dark crimson red, indigo blue and unprinted white motifs. Due to this characteristic, Ajrak is believe to be derived from "Azrak", meaning blue. This age-old craft can be traced back to approximately 2500 BCE of the civilizations in the Indus Valley. The subcontinent developed the technology of dyeing and patterning of fabric and the well known 'Priest-King' stone statue is believe to be wearing an Ajrak.    Source: Harappa Till this day, Ajrak is still being used as an essential part of the Sindhi tradition. Men use it as turbans and wearing it around their shoulders while women use it as shawls. Other use includes hammocks, bed sheets, scarves and more....

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How To: Pair Statement Jewlery

Statement jewelry are unique pieces of jewelry that screams for attention. They can be colourful, metallic, wooden, soft, chunky - basically anything that is different from the traditional thin single chain necklaces and bracelets.  Here are some tips for wearing statement pieces: 1. Skin, skin, SKIN! Low-cut shirts, off the shoulder dresses or strapless tops are perfect for form hugging pieces (short in length and collar hugging pieces) that are just big enough to cover just the right amount of skin. Statement pieces on naked skin can't help but add a little excitement to your outfit, giving off a mature but elegant appearance. 2. One colour outfit Is black your favourite colour? Layer on silver or gold pieces to create your own statement piece and pair with...

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How To: Make That Outfit POP

When you're starting to get tired of your everyday outfits, the first thing that comes to mind is SHOPPING TRIP. But with a couple of simple changes, you can make your current closet POP without breaking the bank. 1. Solid, Solid, Crazy Patterns Choose one bold pattern. Whether it is checkered pants, camo shirt or a patterned beanie, choose one piece of clothing or accessory to be bold. Match the rest of the out with solid coloured pieces to show off your fun side without being over the top bold. 2. Cut it up When you're tired off wearing your old shirts and want something different. Why no try your hand at a little DIY. One of the easiest would be...

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