Shop By Zodiac; Attention-Grabbing Aries, Tantalizing Taurus, Jovial Gemini

In times of uncertainty, it is always reassuring to remember that this too shall pass. We can say this with as much assurity, because the passage of time never fails to surprise me. Consider this; it seems like just yesterday, we introduced our shop by zodiac series. And as if with the blink of an eye, it’s already time for the second installment. 

One of our fondest labours of love, is ensuring  that our products speak not just to your sense of style, but to your very spirit. We give our designs names, and personalities, because every single one of them represents the lady who would love them even more than we do. 

And this second installment of our series continues in that vein. Whether you love a little bling, or prefer comfort, or if you just can’t decide, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve got the perfect styles for...

Aries (21 March - 19 April)

As the first entry atop the zodiac list, the Aries diva knows that the party doesn’t start until she makes her big entrance. She lives to make heads turn, and sashay down red carpets. Relentlessly cheerful, and unapologetically confident, Aries women are revered for their ambition, and their determination. Often, you’ll find them making strong strides, leading their pack.  

To adorn this feisty fire sign, only an unabashed showstopper will do. Think bold colours, ornate embroidery and plenty of sparkle.



Your Perfect Match: Leyora

Taurus (20 April - 20 May) 

A decided stoic, the Taurus woman loves all things familiar and comforting. Signified by the bull, these women take a cue from their celestial animal, and exhibit enviable levels of determination. They also admire the finer things in life. Connoisseurs of beauty, these babes are drawn to bells, whistles and anything shiny. 
An adequate accompaniment to the Taurus spirit, needs to combine the familiar with the flashy. Something that mixes decidedly comforting fabrics, with dazzling embellishments.


Your Perfect Match: Talya

Gemini (21 May - 20 Jun) 

Lively, spirited and sharp as a steak knife; that’s the Gemini girl in a nutshell. These multifaceted mega-minds think big, and think fast. Marked by an adaptable and effervescent disposition, they’re known to be the jacks of multiple trades.
To flaunt the most jovial Gemini, you need something that will suit her every mood. Something that is demure and yet demonstrative, understated and yet playful; something as varied as the lady that it adorns.


Your Perfect Match: Hazal

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