A Very Meraki 2019…

What a year it has been. Twelve months of pure, unhindered adventure. It has been a trip, that took us on every roller coaster ride imaginable.

Now, don’t get us wrong; we did have a plan, always. But, because none of us can predict the future, we couldn’t be sure that things would work. And so, for the most part, we took the plunge without being sure of the outcome. All we did know, is that we’d have you onboard for the ride, and that made all of it worth it.

So, as the year comes to an end, we couldn’t say farewell without recounting all that we shared together. Here, are the year’s best moments.

New York Pop-Up

In the midst of everything else that we did, Meraki managed to make time for the Big Apple. Hosting a pop-up in the city that never sleeps has been on our wish list for some time now, and this year, we finally made it happen.

Kiara; Our Little Miss Sunshine

Anyone who lives in Canada, can appreciate the appeal of the summer. So, we decided that this year, we’d pay an homage to the ever fleeting sunshine. Our Kiara glitters like a ray of sunshine, and brightens up every wardrobe.

Ushah Kazi; Welcome To The Family

We grew in every direction this year. In particular, we expanded the Meraki team. An avid reader, writer and communications enthusiast, you might have caught our Ushah on the blog, or covering a coveted end-of-year Meraki event.

Going Global

Something we’ve always wanted to do, is reach more customers, all over the world. And 2019, brought this little victory along with it. You guys were feeling the love, from all corners of the world.

Cara; Who Run The World?

Inspired by the art-deco appeal of a big city, and the girl who likes to give the classics a makeover, our Cara took back-to-work season by storm.

Well, Hello Newsletter Fam

To be fair, we’ve been invading your inbox for a few years now. But this year, our newsletter became a mood. Or rather, your biweekly mood booster. From a rundown of everything that made us smile, to the ever empowering message from Eman, we amassed a dedicated following via our emails.

Meraki Headbands; Upgrading The Basic

The headband is a busy girl’s best friend. And we really wanted this tried and true basic on our roster. But, we had to give it a Meraki makeover. To this end, we worked with the lovely Sarah of Gibou to make these babies happen. Read about that journey on our blog.

Ramadan Market

We wanted to make sure that we got our best girls to you guys in time for Eid. And, at the risk of tooting our own horn; oh boy did we deliver on that promise.

Tanvi M; For Art’s Sake

Have you been gushing over the pictures on our Instagram feed? Well, it’s time to meet the lady responsible for those gorgeous images. Tanvi M. photographer par excellence, and Meraki’s go to shutterbug. 

Myra; Prettiest In Pink

To celebrate Eid, we brought you something decidedly feminine, and unabashedly festive. Our Myra fit that bill, perfectly.

Hey, Sole Sisters

We’ve always had the pleasure of working with the most inspiring women. But this year takes the cake. The influencers who took a chance on our brand this year, made our journey priceless.

Tale As Old As Time

Our blog also got a bit of a makeover this year. Inspired by our love of creativity, entrepreneurship and craft, we caught up with some trailblazing tastemakers.

Aleena; Fall Vibes

As the leaves turned, so did our color pallet. We ditched the glitter, for subtler amber hues of our Aleena.

Sole Series; Let The Good Times Roll 

An intimate gathering, some inspiration, and a bit of Bilal Khan; our year end event was all that and a bag of chips. In partnership with the lovely Sidra, the first installment of our Sole Series gave us a chance to take our thriving online family off-line; with a bang.

Nisa; Business In The Front Party At The Back

In honour of all the working girls who needed something festive for that all-important office party, Nisa combined minimalistic monochrome with a bright pop of colour.

Meraki Blankets; Upcycling The Sisterhood

As a brand that aims to be conscious about all that we do, we always look for ethically produced products. Our gorgeous up-cycled saree blankets are both stylish, and sustainable.

About the Author
Ushah Kazifreelance writer, pop-culture junkie, and resident communications expert at Meraki.