What to ACTUALLY pack to be lighter, faster and more efficient

Pack light to speed through airports
Take it from a lady that has destroyed 3+ backpacks since I’ve started my adventures: invest in a durable backpack! On my most recent three-week Euro-trip (that included a diverse weather range from Berlin’s cool temperatures to Spain’s sizzling heat), do yourself a favour and pack only a carry-on. It is possible! You will not only save time waiting in the bagging lines but also save you additional costs based on various airlines. This backpack by KROSER is water-repellent, has organized and large compartments, and is perfect for your work and life gear.

Use packing cubes to stay organized
Having one cube for your clothes makes it have a designated place for your items. Give yourself some peace of mind so you can focus on the journey that’s right in front of you. It’ll save you time scrambling around looking through the Narnia that was your unorganized suitcase. Packing cubes are easy to access and use.

Curate a wardrobe you actually love
There’s nothing more frustrating than packing clothes that you just don’t end up wearing. Wear your bulkiest clothes and sneakers to allow for more space in your bag. Curate a capsule wardrobe of really versatile pieces that you love to wear, for any occasion (that you can dress up and down). Keep in mind how they will all match with one another. Bring a few accessories to jazz up your outfits for a statement piece. Fun fact: I love packing laundry dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh throughout the trip.

Be intentional with your beauty routine
Simplify your beauty regime so that you can pack only travel sized products. Keep in mind multi-use products such as an oil that can be both a hair oil and body lotion.

Think about these useful bits
Get an international travel plug adapter. You will thank me later. Plus that means more adventures to different places because you’re prepared, right?! Buy snacks before you get to the airport. It will be way more affordable and help when you’re getting the waiting munchies. Research if the water is safe to drink where you’ll be exploring. If it is, pack a reusable water bottle. It will not only help do your part to save the environment but also save you money while on the road.

Get digital access
Set up a Google or Gmail folder where you can keep a copy of all your important documents (passport, health card, banking cards, boarding passes, accommodation confirmation, etc). You can share this with another person you trust. If you need someone to help you out, they have access.

Leave it behind. You won’t miss it
Leave bulky and valuable items behind. Pack half of what you think you should be bringing. You will be surprised how little you need to truly be happy. Let go of what weighs you down (also literally) and just enjoy the adventure.


About the Author

Christine Lieu is the expert behind CL Designs. She’s a graphic designer and efficiency coach, who’s traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. Saying no to dull and clunky visuals and yes to consistency, creativity and efficiency forms the core of her approach.