New Price Points, Who Dis? 

Some years ago, when we started Meraki, I wanted to accomplish two things. Firstly, I wanted to pay homage to my South Asian heritage. And secondly, I wanted to bring the most comfortable, handcrafted flats to women across the world.  

After all this time, both these goals are still atop our list of deliverables. But, as we grow with you, some things invariably change.

Hi Sole Sisters…

One of the greatest highs of this journey has been the sheer number of women that we have been able to reach. We have gone through several collections, learnt a ton, and built a community. Thousands of women who are obsessed with their Meraki flats; who knew? 

But lately, we have been hoping to expand this tribe.

Meraki fans know that, once you slip into a Meraki pair, it becomes yours, and only yours. And we wanted more and more women to experience this, and go out into the world more confident than ever (sans the pain from the heels). And perhaps more than anything else, we wanted more and more women to be able to access products that best represent who they are, and who they want to be.

Say Hello To Our (New) Little Friends

It has to be noted, that while we wanted to reach out to a wider customer base, we couldn’t do this at the expense of our ideals. Hence, we didn’t compromise our values regarding production, fair wages, or the quality of the product. What we could do is cut out the fluff; the fancy boxes, elaborate partnerships, and the like.

And it worked! Without reneging on anything that we hold dear, we’re now able to bring you the most comfortable, artisan made flats, at accessible price points. Many of our newest arrivals fall into the $45 and $60 price points. They retain Meraki’s commitment to quality, but also allow us to reach so many more of you.

Talk To Me

I do have to thank you all for this change, as it was your feedback that drove us in this direction. And with that said, I would request you guys to keep reaching out to us. It makes our day (literally, our whole day) when we hear from you; about how the Myra was the perfect bridesmaids’ shoe, or how the white Gota was the perfect Galentine’s Day present.

So please, send us your love, your questions, and all of your feedback. Because like always, hearing from you will push us to do better than our best!

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About the Authour
Eman Bachani, Founder and CEO of Meraki Design House