How To: Pair Statement Jewlery

Statement jewelry are unique pieces of jewelry that screams for attention. They can be colourful, metallic, wooden, soft, chunky - basically anything that is different from the traditional thin single chain necklaces and bracelets. 

Here are some tips for wearing statement pieces:

1. Skin, skin, SKIN!

Low-cut shirts, off the shoulder dresses or strapless tops are perfect for form hugging pieces (short in length and collar hugging piecesthat are just big enough to cover just the right amount of skin. Statement pieces on naked skin can't help but add a little excitement to your outfit, giving off a mature but elegant appearance.

2. One colour outfit

Is black your favourite colour? Layer on silver or gold pieces to create your own statement piece and pair with your all-black outfit for a chic look. Don't compensate your taste for fashion! 

Gold Layers

Source: Blue Nile

3. Sweater weather

When wearing a solid colour sweater, spice it up with a short or medium length, faded or pastel colour piece. This adds a casual but refreshing taste to your cold season days.  When wearing pattern sweaters, go for single colour pieces.

Source: Hello Fashion Blog

4. Simplify patterns

You want to wear pattern, but you're afraid adding jewelry will make your outfit too busy? Try adding a solid coloured (can be more than one colour) statement necklace to return some calmness to that hot mess! It is a good rule of thumb to wear only one patterned piece in an outfit, but it is all up to personal taste! 

Source: Jeans a Teacup

5. Causal but shiny

Got a edgy graphic tee? Find some shiny and sparkly crystals or rhinestones to complete the outfit.  Dress to impress with this causal but glam up look for everyday life. 

Source: Le Fashion

6. Business is Business

Keep it professional without looking boring by wearing some statement pieces in neutral or pastel colours and are not too chunky. This neat and clean look will show them you mean business.

Source: J. Crew Blog

Everybody has their own way of expressing themselves, try these tips and explore how you can define your style by adding statement pieces to your outfit.