Eman’s Fuss-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Because the holiday season can be so insanely busy in every way, this year I decided to indulge in some gift guides to get inspired. And, to get ahead on some holiday shopping.  However; a simple search led me to the realization that the great wide web is nothing but an abyss of Holiday Gift Guides, written by brand after brand, trying to push their own products.

This, by the way, was my subtle way of telling you that you will not find any Meraki products in this guide.

I know that the chances of you stumbling across this are slim. But, in case you do find your way here (whether it be during the holidays or after), know that everything here is something *I* would a hundred percent buy or have bought. And that says a lot, because half my job is traveling the world to discover amazing products, and the other half is making amazing products. 

Unlike most of the gift guides you may come across, I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands and will not be receiving any commission. Thus my opinion is in no way shaped by any external factors.

1. For the “Eman” in your life 

It only makes sense that I start this list letting you all know what I would appreciate. But really, we all know at least one person who will consume coffee no matter the weather. And so, we’ve got that person (and myself) covered!

2. For the one with Wanderlust

Again, anyone who knows me can attest to why this gift resonates with me so much. But real talk: passport holders are not a hundred percent functional when you’re being pulled to talk to any immigration officers. But they definitely help when you’re digging for your passport in your biggest handbag. Also, extra points for this one being monogram-able and thus even more Instagram-able.

3. For the Desi-Girl in your life

Sometimes, you just see something and can instantly think of a person who would appreciate it. In my case, I saw this ages ago when Ena (the artist at Cheeky Billo) and I participated in an Instagram giveaway together. I was waiting for the right person and the right time to gift this to someone, so when one of my best friends moved to the UK and a new place, I had found the perfect opportunity.

4. For half of your heart

One of my favorite things at events Meraki participates in, is to meet with other creatives, and discover new things. And one particularly awesome thing I discovered was Sadie & June.  Having met Kendall (co-founder) a few times, I got to know that they can create custom maps for anywhere. So no matter where half of your heart is, they can make something special just for you. 

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a modern take on the maps that have been following you on Google or Facebook ads, ilikemaps is another cool brand I got to meet with (who can also do custom!)

5. For the hoarder...

Of notebooks

Another find of mine during travels, Baltic Club, is a Montreal based design and stationery store, inspired by animals and nature. Their pin-able hand-sketched world map is on my radar,  but so are their beautiful hand-sketched notebooks and calendars!

Another local find, but more for the hoarder of Candles

Lohn candles is female founded, Toronto based brand. They carry candles crafted with botanically-based fragrances, an organic coconut and soy wax blend, and a non-toxic cotton core wick. They are paraben free, petroleum free, phthalate free, and lead free.

The candles are packaged in recyclable glass, and cartons that are sealed with a Risograph printed label using soy-based inks.

6. For the shoe-lover(s)

Keeping up with the spirit of me writing about products that are not mine - I thought it would be ideal to share my absolute favorite pair of shoes that not only feel as comfortable as Meraki, but have also survived stints in several cities in good weather and bad. I wore this pair for a solid 15 months and only chucked it after I had worn its sole off. That’s how much I loved it!! This pair can make a good gift for both the men and the women in your life:



And there you have it. I hope you found my little list helpful. Gift giving, despite the obviously considered intent behind it, can be stressful. And so, I wanted to give you simple, thoughtful choices. And, what better way to do that than by recommending products that I myself would put my money behind?

Happy shopping!

About the Authour
Eman Bachani, Founder and CEO of Meraki Design House