5 Tips for Managing your Travel Instagram Account

The Shot

Your viewers want to see the beauty of where you are but they also want to see you. They follow your travel account because they want to see how you have navigated the space and your tips to share along the way. Taking a variety of wide shots that you’re in (you may have to ask a passerby for help or else get really good at the timed shot with some equipment: a selfie stick or a GorillaPod, for example) as well as some close ups detailing your activities each day: the food, the hikes, the sightseeing, the people you meet. 


Take the time to retouch your photos - either on the go with apps on your phone, such as Snapseed of VSCO, or Adobe Lightroom once you’re home. A little editing can go a long way to ensuring you maintain an aesthetic consistency. You can even take it a step further to make your feed look magical, like @thestylevisitor so beautifully does.

Make an Editorial Calendar

If you want to maintain your feed, but have to spend some months at home to save up for your next trip, you can stretch out your previous travels by creating a calendar for each month to share photos and stories from your previous trips as well as some content from your current day to day: your viewers want to know how you are able to live your lifestyle and what you do when you’re not traversing the globe. You can even schedule your posts on tools like Later so you don’t have to worry about putting them up while you are working your day job.

Tell Stories

It’s not just about the beautiful images, the eating tips, the lists of places to go; it’s about the adorable story of when you pulled off the side of the road to dip your toes into the sand, it’s about the feeling of waking up to a large window where you could look down on the bustling city below. Tell your audience how it feels to be in the places you’ve travelled to - that is what will help foster a connection with your followers, build trust and  and encourage them to follow in your footsteps. 


About the Author

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