Blume: Our Monthly Survival Staples

That time of the month shouldn’t be a time for social anxiety. But far too often it is. Whether its menstrual cramps, the curse of the pizza-face, or the emotional roller coaster that takes you through everything you never wanted to feel. Your monthly period, regardless of how much of a miracle it is, can be a period of bizarre fears and unfair skin issues.

What doesn’t help is that products practically banking on a woman’s needs, are often completely insensitive to what we need. Sure, we all have that one, drugstore bought pimple cream that reduces Mount Everest to a molehill overnight. But, let’s not kid ourselves; we know how unforgiving many of these products can be to our bodies, and well-being. From skincare to sanitary pads, all of it sends alarm bells ringing in our heads. Teeming with harsh ingredients, and unsafe chemicals, these products can cause a ton of harm, and all while we try to use them to do some good.

So, you can imagine how excited we were at the prospect of a skincare and hygiene brand that isn’t trying to make us tear our hair out. And, it is putting our time of the month, at the centre of its message.

Blume’s roster includes sanitary products, and skincare, with their focus on our menstrual cycles. Their tampons and sanitary pads are organic, made from biodegradable cotton that is gentle enough for your needs, and the environment. Their skincare is made from natural ingredients, and helps pamper your skin when it needs the most love.

But, perhaps Blume’s greatest triumph is that the brand, and the women who envisaged it, understand that womanhood is unique. No two ladies will ever go through the same experience, even if they experience the same physical phenomenon. And Blume seems to appreciate this. Take their ‘Build a Box’ feature, which allows you to pick what sanitary products you want, how often you want them, and what you’d like on the side. Including, of course, an option to add some chocolate to your box. Yes, that’s right.

But the quirky exterior is just one half of the brand’s charm. Ultimately, it works because they have thought about their customers holistically. They offer products that help women based on their wants and needs. And, they have thought about the global landscape; where environmentally sound choices have to be prioritized.

Overall, this is an exciting brand, that is promising us the kind of TLC that we have been waiting for.


About the Author

Ushah Kazi is a freelance writer, pop-culture junkie, and resident communications expert at Meraki.